2013 Twin Cities Neighborhood Garage Sale Calendar

posted on 12 Sep 2015 11:53 by hesitantenginee37
Following is a week-by-week listing of when and where I would expect to find this years neighborhood sales.

Understand please, that this is not gospel; some sales move from year to year, and I am hardly infallible. This isinitially basedon records Ive kept aboutcommunity salesIve attended in previous years.Where I have some additional confirmation about a sales date, Ill edit the article to make that clear.

Do not use this as your sole source, as the sales also advertise in the paper and on their own community websites. See otherimportant hints and noticesat the bottom of this article.

I bet you know some things I do not. There is no costfor having your neighborhoods sale listed here. I want nothing more than to provide thebest calendar I can.

Are you planning a neighborhood sale in the Twin Cities, or do you know someone who is? Could you refer them to me?

Do you know for a fact that Ive gotten something wrong below? For example, Im unclear on the weeks some sales are happening.

Should you be writing this? Seriously, if you know as much or more than I do about the Twin Cities yard sale scene, we should talk. You could be immensely helpful.

Heres what Im starting with:


First weekend

A neighborhood at Meadowbrook and Melanie Trail in Scandia advertised a sale, but thats 35 miles out of town. I emailed for more information, and got no response. Maybe next year folks.

SecondThursday (also Friday and Saturday)

The Czech and Slovak Sokol Hall on West 7t in Saint Paul(383 Michigan) is having their2013 sale starting on noon, Thursday April 11th. I have high regard for this sale.

Also the Saint Jerome Music Program has a sale on 1911 Rice Street in Roseville. This is a little hard to find unless you know its in the warehouse.

Both of these sales are advertised check the Pioneer Press and Craigslist.

Third Weekend (Wed-Sat)

New to list 2013: Snow is interfering with thethe Farmington neighborhood sale happening inCharleswood, which started on the17th (4 to 8 p.m.) and is scheduled forthe next three days (starting at 8a.m.each of those days). They are advertising that some sales will be held the following weekend instead. Their craigslist ad says Charleswood is along Pilot Knob Road by 195th and 200th Streets. There will be big yellow signs, they say.

Final Saturday the season starts!

The Diamond Path neighborhood of Apple Valley. It may run on that Friday as well. Being outside the more diverse inner city, expect the offerings to be a bit homogeneous. This is a good http://www.garagedoorsofamerica.com/ place to look for childrens items and tools. Their 2013 Star Tribune ad does not mention Friday (this year), and says sales start at 8. A map is already up as of 4/22 and can be viewed by clicking on this blue link.

At least once on this weekend Saint Marks Church in Saint Pauls Merriam Park neighborhood has had one of its two annual rummage sales. Update: They have confirmed that their 2013 Spring sale will be Friday Sunday, starting at 9 each day.


First Friday

A newsletter for Tangletown in southwest Minneapolis, has confirmed that its sale will again be on the first weekend of May. I seem to recall these happen on Friday and Saturday, but I would choose Friday and then spend the Saturday elsewhere. Tangletown has been having neighborhood sales for many years now. Their Star Tribune ad says sales will start at 8, and that maps can be had at 48th and Grand or on their websitetangletown.org.

East Nokomis neigborhood in Minneapolis. Alley sales near the lake have typically had about 20 participants.

First Saturday

The Bryn Mawr neighborhood of Minneapolis holds their sale on Saturday and Sunday(confirmed for 2013).This was long regarded as the granddaddy of all Twin Cities neighborhood yard sales, but has been going for so long that the basements and garages are comparatively drained of goodies. Expect also to see many staged sales, where someone brought in a trailer of goods. Often, they dont bother to remove the trailer while the sale is going on, so thats a big tipoff. Do not let this discourage you though, because any day you can go to eighty sales or more, youre bound to find some good things. I recommend you get a map of the sales and explore homes on the outskirts of the neighborhood, up to the north and east by Glenwood Avenue or across I394 to the south. These sales dont get descended on by the crowds, and also just might be having their first sale ever.

Highland has an older Jewish population, and its proximity to nearby colleges also brings in a mix of well-educated persons who may be offering things brought back from trips abroad. This year they are having their sale on May 4th, and sale maps should be available at highlanddistrictcouncil.org;(in some past years they may have held the sale further in to the month).

Summit Hill in Saint Paul is advertising that theyll have their 2013sale on May 4th.Mapswill beavailable at 860 Saint Clairor atsummithillassociation.org

A Craigslist ad Ive seen says there will be a three-block salein the alleys of Irving, Humboldt and Girard in South Minneapolis. The ad says exact location will be revealed later. I will update if I find out more, so do check back.

First Sunday

Bryn Mawr continues.

Second Friday

Phalen neighborhood of Saint Paul. I seem to recallthis wason Friday and Saturday, but I would choose Friday and then spend the Saturday elsewhere. Phalen may be a relatively newer sale, and if so, it might be worth a little extra effort to get to.

The Star Tribune ad says there will be a2013 neighborhood sale in Windom Park section of Northeast Minneapolison Friday and Saturday, with over 100 homes participating. It says maps will be available at windompark.org or Eastside Coop. See my comments elsewhere about Northeast Minneapolis, because this should be a great sale.

Second Saturday

Johnsville neighborhood of Blaine. For sheer volume of sales, its hard to ignore Johnsville. Theres also an enthusiasm at this sale that adds to the experience. As with other suburban sales, expect lots of toys and tools. Go to the bathroom before arriving, because the lines at the porta-potties have been known to tie you up for a half hour. It would not be a bad idea to bring some toilet paper too.

Desnoyer Parkneighborhood of Saint Paul. Tucked in between I-94 and Marshall Avenue on the east side of the Lake Street bridge, this is a very intriguing spot. Ive been there only once, but found the offerings to be fresh and the population to be quite diverse, resulting in a wide variety of things offered for sale. This is a much smaller neighborhood, with an expected participation of 20 to 30 homes.

Regarding this weekend, see the control freak disclameramong the article footnotes.

Third Friday

Seward in Minneapolis will be holding its 2013 Seward Garage Sale Daze on May 17th and 18th. Seward is a great success story of urban renewal, and will have a very diverse mix of incomes and lifestyles. Seward is by far one of my favorite neighborhood sales of the year.

Thanks to Stuart Edeal for bringing the West Saint Paul sales to my attention, which will be part of West Saint Paul Days. There will be sales on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check on their website for more information as the sale gets closer http://www.celebrateweststpaul.org/index.html#

Third Saturday

Linden Hills, west of the lakes in Minneapolis; Carag in southwest Minneapolis; Como, north of the U of M in Saint Paul.If you hustle, you can go to all three. Carag, east of Lake Calhoun and bordered by Lake, 36th, Hennepin and Lyndale avenues, is very diverse. Some years have higher participation than others. Expect all sorts of unique offerings. Como seems to be influenced by its proximity to the university, and Ive noticed a more international flavor. A 2013 ad in the Star Tribune has confirmed both Carag and Linden Hills for this Saturday (and neither mentions Friday).

Third Weekend

New to list 2013: May 15-18 the Chadwick Farm neighborhood in Lakeville is having a sale. They started advertising as soon as mid-April on Craigslist, so check there for any updates. I will be busy with other sales, so will not be available to report on how it is.

Fourth (possibly last) Saturday

Kenny and Armatage are adjacent neighborhoods in southwest Minneapolis that have their sales on the same weekend. My records dont show me having been there on a Friday, but I wouldnt rule that out. These are on the periphery of the urban Twin Cities, and thus will have some things in common with suburban sales. Nonetheless, their closer proximity to downtown will show a bit of diversity and subsequent surprises.

Some portion of Northeast Minneapolis (aka: Nordeast) has a sale in the end of May. Nordeast is an old-school working class neighborhood with a strong representation of hipsters. If you are looking for one of those 50s formica-top tables for $50, Id watch for the Nordeast sale. You will also find a lot of folks who retired and did not move away, having with them a lifetimes accumulation of retro gems.

Burnsville also has a neighborhood sale at the end of May. While the availability of my kinds of sales has always kept me from venturing south of the river, Ive seen maps, and it looks like there is heavy community buy-in (meaning a large percentage of homes http://ttlink.com/notice/13681610 have sales on that day).

East Harriet stretches from 36th to 46th and from Lyndale west to the lakes. Expect to find a number of wealthier homes along the lake, with the kinds of folks who did not flee the city when their ship came in, and these are among my favorite types of sales. They are not adverse to rubbing shoulders with people of all walks of life, and often price nice things very reasonably.


First Saturday

Ecco lies between Hennepin Avenue and Lake Calhoun, from Lake to 36th. The combination of expensive lake homes and urban diversity highly recommends this sale to you. Ive confirmed that their 2013 ECCO Super Sale will be on June 1st.

Victory neighborhood in the northwest corner of Minneapolis. I was very impressed with this sale on my one time there. I did not get the impression that it had been depleted over the years, and there were a lot of households participating. You may find more information atvictoryneighborhood.org

Second Saturday

My favorite Twin Cities community sale is held this weekend by the adjoining neighborhoods of Standish, Ericcson and Corcoran. The sale stretches across South Minneapolis south of Lake street, and I have been known to visit as many as 180 sales there on a single day. This is very much a working class area, with lots of stay-in-Minneapolis retirees, a vibrant LGBT contingent and lots of diversity in general. Vintage power tools and vinyl records will be represented in the huge amount of stuff youll see. You may find more information at standish-ericsson.org

Arden Hills is an inner-ring suburb north of Saint Paul. I got a good vibe here, and the area is full of trees and just a joy to walk around in. My impression is that a fair number of 3M executives and scientists may live here, but thats just a hunch. For whatever reason, the merchandise is more varied than you would expect in other suburbs.

On at least one first Friday of June, I went to a community yard sale in Bayport, which is way out on the Saint Croix to the east of Saint Paul, but really worth the drive. This year their sale is being held on Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th (which might technically be a first Friday sale, for future reference). For many decades now, a very progressive employer in that community has paid its employees generously, creating a remarkable dynamic where you have working folks with a relatively high level of wealth. This makes for some really unique items popping up in their sales, including top of the line power tools and nice antiques. You may find more information at bayportcommunityactionleague.com

A group of blocks to the southwest of Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis has had sales on this weekend. The alleys have as many as 10 households each participating, and that general level of enthusiasm in infectious. Whatever time of year, whatever group of blocks, if you see a block sale or other type of community sale happening to the southwest of Lake Nokomis, go.

Third Saturday

Wedge neighborhood in south Minneapolis. This triangular patch is bordered by Hennepin, Lyndale and Lake. There isnt as much participation as I would like to see, but it has one of my favorite demographics mobile young adults without cars. Not only do they need to unload much more stuff when they move on, but theyre in that time of life when parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are passing things on to them that they may not appreciate as much as I do. Dont be surprised to happen across a patchwork quilt, costume jewelry, heavy-duty cookware and quality small furniture.

Fourth or last Friday

South Saint Paul This feels to me like a closely-knit working class area. Expect to see handmade furniture, trunks, tools and other useful items. My notes about this sale are a bit cryptic, so it may be another time of year. Still, I recommend you watch for it, as this is an area that has not been dug though as much as some others.

Fourth or last Saturday

Minikahda Heights lies on the near side of Saint Louis Park to the north and east of the Minneapolis Lakes. The neighborhood really has a lot of homes participating, making for less driving and more walking. In some years, the sales have not been very well promoted, and while thats not such a good thing for the sellers, it is certainly an advantage for the buyers who know to show up.

My records show a neighborhood sale in East Nokomis at the end of June. If this is the sale that revolves around 50th street, it is one of the citys best. On both sides of Lake Nokomis, the airport noise causes home values to be lower, but the housing stock stillis of highquality. Im not sure how that affects the nature of the sales, but I do know the area has remarkable sales, for whatever reason.


First two weeks

My knowledge of this time is sparse, as I am off in Colorado, selling the merchandise I purchased during the rest of the season. I will watch the classified ads and fill in as best I can, but Im also hoping some of the readers can help us out as well.

Third Saturday

Minneapolis Warehouse District I dont recall the actual street though I did think to take a picture. There are entertaining offerings in front of a line of stores. The sale is always well-advertised, so you shouldnt have any trouble finding it.

Minikahda Heights (see description in June). Apparently it is not always held at the same time, because I have records of having attended it in two different months. This could be my confusion, but theres a possibility the date moves around, and that it might happen more than once a year.

Fourth Saturday

South Oak Hill in Saint Louis Park. I seem to recall there were a lot of retired folks here, unloading some nice things. If that trend continues in to the future, I certainly recommend going.


First Saturday

On at least one of the first Saturdays of August, the East Nokomis neighborhood surrounding 50th Street has held its sale. It may also have happened at other times of the summer. If its going on, I recommend it highly.

Audubon is a section of Northeast Minneapolis that holds its community sale this time of year. See my earlier comments about Nordeast. This is a sale I never miss if its up to me.

Aquila neighborhood in Saint Louis Park. Though a suburb, this is an old suburb, and there are http://ttlink.com/notice/13764798 a great many interesting older things that come out of the basements there. Add to this that in some years there is very good participation among the homeowners (but not all years).

Second Saturday

My notes indicate a block sale somewhere in the Nokomis neighborhood on this weekend. I do not know if its an annual event.

Third Saturday

Mac-Groveland holds its sale on the third Saturday of August, but some of my notes indicate Ive gone on the fourth Saturday as well (possibly because the previous week it got rained out). Either way, this is one of the best sales of the season. Macalester College, William Mitchell College of Law and University of Saint Thomas all are in the neighborhood, and thus the diversity of interests and levels of education are remarkable here. I start early, and I dont quit until about 4 p.m. its that good.

Fourth Saturday

I have some notes saying the Mac-Groveland sale has happened closer to the end of the month. Im not sure that is so, but I thought it worth noting.


First Saturday

Im unaware of any community sales on this weekend, likely because of the Labor Day weekend.

First Saturday after Labor Day

Thanks to Stacy Sprenger, who reminded me that the Interlachen Park neighborhood in Hopkins has a sale every weekend after Labor Day.

Second (possibly third) Saturday

Lynnhurst in south Minneapolis is bordered by Lyndale, Penn, 46th and 54th. Many of the homes along Minnehaha creek have high quality things to offer. The way the creek separates the neighborhood requires a bit more effort when planning your route through the sales. My records also show me going to these sales on the third Saturday, so it may not have a fixed date.

At least one alley sale to the southwest of Lake Nokomis.

Third Saturday

Irvine Park is just to the west of downtown Saint Paul. The sale may not happen every year. The relatively ancient age of the neighborhood raises the possibility of great antiques. Ive also bought fresh tomatoes here. The neighborhood, with all its fine Victorian homes, is just a joy to walk through.

Waite Park is adjacent to, and perhaps considered by some to be part of, Northeast Minneapolis. I would recommend any community sale that occurs here.

Saint Anthony Park is in the vicinity of Hwy. 280 north of I-94. This is both an older neighborhood, but is also somewhat industrial, which could add a number of heavy steel and brass things to the mix.

Fridley E River Road and 71st. I was impressed with the community participation here, and along with the density of sales, people also seemed to be pulling out things they might not otherwise have offered for sale, just for the fun of it.

Lynnhurst (possibly see above).

Fourth or last Saturday

My records show community yard sales in Woodbury, Maplewood and Fridley.

Three notable rummage sales also take place. The Junior League holds one at the State Fairgrounds. The First Congregational Church on Nordeasts near side holds a real doosie. Saint Marks in Saint Pauls Merriam Park holds its second of the year.





First Saturday

Summit Hill in Saint Paul holds a fairly extensive sale. There is good participation. I must say that while there are many good sales, a few households are terribly fond of their things, pricing them very high and leaving a bad impression which I try not to carry with me to their neigbors sales.

In 2007, some part of Saint Pauls Highland neighborhood held a community sale. I do not know whether it is annual or not.

Amhurst townhomes in Saint Louis Park held a sale in 2010. I do not know whether it is annual or not.

Second Saturday

My records show a neighborhood sale on Summit Hill on the second Saturday in 2006. Perhaps it was moved back due to weather, or perhaps now they have it earlier to avoid the weather.

The Community Center for Danish Americans has held interesting sales on this weekend.

Third and fourth Saturdays

This is prime time for excellent rummage sales

November and onward

After Haloween, rummage sales give way to craft and holiday sales, in which I have no interest whatsoever. I grudgingly start going to estate sales through the dark months, and look forward to the next great season of Twin Cities yard sales.


Ron Hall has been a denisen of the Twin Cities yard sale scene for two decades. His blog Would You Buy This or Not has been running since 2006 or so. Just google those six words, in quotes, along with the word gather (not in quotes), like this:

would you buy this or not gather

and you will find scores of past episodes.

If you have contributions, corrections or questions regarding this calendar, email ronandjanie@yahoo.com

Hint and notice footnotes:

False neighborhood sales Just because someone uses the word neighborhood in their sale ad doesnt mean its a neighborhood sale; all the more reason for us to have a credible place to go to find the actual neighborhood sales.

Control freak disclaimer I also make an effort not to list or name sales that charge an unreasonable fee to register (sometimes as high as $30), have registration cutoff dates unreasonably far ahead of the sale date (sometimes more than 2 weeks out), or where control freaks have otherwise taken the fun and spontaneity out of a sale that should not revolve around them, but rather should be for the sellers and the buyers. My decisions in this area are arbitrary and not open to debate.